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Bumblebee is NOT an EVIL clone it is OEM!

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Posted 22 August 2012 - 05:08 PM

So I did a little research in the disassembler IDA pro. I disassembled the programing tools for both Naza and Bumblebee. I found that they were both compiled form the same source tree. DJI in fact confirms that they OEM flight controllers very subtly on their site. We found that the Bumblebee Flight Controller that many folks seem to have confused with a cheap Chinese knock off is actually an OEM product supported by DJI. Read the About page and see for yourself. DJI-Innovations

For models and toys, there are WooKong-H and Naza-H RC helicopter controller, Naza-M multi-rotor controller, Flame Wheel series of light-weight multi-rotors, and flight control module for mass OEM production.

Here is one example of a group that can not decide if this device should be considered evil vs. not. http://www.multiroto...or-Copy-of-Naza

Note the string DJI_OEM inside the Bumblebee config tool binary?


There were other subtle hints that the source was identical but the disassembly proved things out.
photo copy.JPG
photo copy 2.JPG

Verdict so far... don't bitch about "Clone NAZA" on GoodLuckBuy... Sheng Tian http://www.hobbylord...n model co.,ltd Bumblebee is completely legit. http://www.goodluckb...controller.html

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Posted 29 August 2012 - 01:22 AM

It looks like the Bumblebee is not only feature limited but also locked into 500Hz UltraPWM capable ESCs. Broken English in the Bumblebee manual says "the main controller just support to high speed ESC 500Hz refresh frequency".

Per eBay "[Bumblebee is] based on the DJI Naza but was made OEM for Bumblebee and runs on Ultra Pwm Escs" BUMBLE BEE Four-Rotor RC Aircraft/ Quadcopter (Folding design) ARF | eBay

What is UltraPWM? - "UltraPWM refers to XAircraft UltraPWM Protocol used in BLMC, ESC for communication and control."

On the flip side of the coin NAZA is the exact opposite 'Very interesting… "I recall seeing a post somewhere in the main NAZA thread that said the Xaircraft UltraPWM ESC"' RC Groups - View Single Post - dji compatable esc's

It looks like Sheng Tian got DJI to OEM them a Naza variant that is software limited & possibly ESC matched with XAircraft branded UltraPWM ESCs?

Bumblebee uses "High Speed 500hz Speed Controllers" based on the description from Bumble copter description at BumbleBee Ready to fly Quadcopter | Bumblebee RTF Quadcopter Kit | Quadcopters UK and Europe and as such it may be required to use either Hobbylord Hobbylord UltraPWM Brushless ESC 20A 500Hz Frequency $16.39 Free Shipping or Xaircraft XAircraft X450 E2007 UltraPWM Brushless ESC 20A $19.62 Free Shipping ECS's

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